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What is an Access Control System?

by | Feb 19, 2019 | Uncategorised

What is an Access Control System?

Once upon a time, we would secure buildings with a lock and key – maybe a bolt and a chain if we were being really careful. Nowadays, owners of both business and domestic premises are looking for far more sophisticated defences against intruders. Crime has always been around, and it probably always will be, therefore it seems only prudent to protect ourselves by denying intruders entry to our homes and workplaces using some sort of access control system.

In an ever-more technically sophisticated landscape, access control systems can take many forms – from simple intercom, to a keypad lock, to a key card scanner, to full-on 24-hour CCTV surveillance with activity recording and remote operation. And it’s probably fair to say that the nature of the premises is key to the level of security it warrants. (Think about early- years nurseries and schools as well as business premises). Though of course, this is a matter of perspective. Not only that, the levels of sophistication within those solutions can vary considerably – which inevitably has an effect on the cost.

One thing worth considering, whatever access control system you think might work for your situation, is to have it installed by experts. DIY CCTV may be cheaper, but if it doesn’t do the job properly when you need it most, then it’s a waste of money no matter how much you spent.

So, whether it’s for home security, business premises safety, or protection, access control systems have a huge part to play in keeping things safe.






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