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Full Service CCTV Installation and Support

Whether you want to use your CCTV system to detect and deter crime, or simply to keep a watchful eye over your property, we can provide you with a useful and reliable system. Our CCTV technnology is fast and easy to set up, and provides constant monitoring, to give you peace of mind. According to some reports, up to 60% of businesses are affected by crime at some point. So it is wise to have strategies in place to deter and prevent crime in the first place, and to minimise losses if one occurs.

We cover everything from the initial advice and consultancy stage, where we talk over what our clients need, to the installation and setup of the CCTV system itself. Obviously there are the benefits associated with catching any potential criminals, but the potential to deter criminality before it even occurs is just as exciting. Whether you are looking for a fixed CCTV installation, to watch over a particular part of the property in greater depth, or a panoramic domed camera to keep as much in view as possible, Rapid Response have a solution.

Getting this decision right first time is of paramount important importance and can save thousands of pounds. If you are unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of crime, cameras could be vital in catching the culprit. And working as a deterrent, hopefully, they will dissuade any would be thieves in the first place. We are fully compliant will all current CCTV legislation, and we allow for immediate access to your 24 hour a day footage.

In terms of CCTV solutions we offer:

  • IP CCTV Cameras & Recording
  • Remote & Mobile CCTV Monitoring
  • Building Access Control
  • Biometrics & RFID
  • Building Access Analytics & Automation
  • Installation & Support
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