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The best places to install home CCTV cameras

Using CCTV as part of your home security system is becoming increasingly popular thanks to increasing availability and relative affordability – it’s no longer the preserve of the rich and it’s not as expensive as many of us think. But having decided to invest in a...

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The evolution of VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is an integral part of many people’s and business owners’ lives and has been for a long time. Promising simple and convenient communication systems, the technology has evolved drastically in a rapidly transforming communication...

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Which tasks should IT be automating?

  Automation could increasingly take over some of the mundane, time-consuming, and even more complex IT tasks enabling staff to focus on issues that require human attention and decision-making. Considering that by 2021 it’s estimated that there will be a...

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How Digital Process Automation can help with 5G rollout.

Both businesses and consumers are anticipating the potential benefits that will accompany wide-ranging, super-fast wireless connectivity with the onset of 5G such as faster speeds, greater volumes and broader reach of network traffic for more connected devices than...

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Transport, Housing and the Effect of Big Data.

We know that protecting our personal data from misuse is crucial, making us ever more prudent about the kind of information we’re willing to share on Social Media. Much, quite rightly, is made of data misuse, but when used appropriately, data can be a great resource...

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Are we ready for ‘industry 5.0’?

According to a 2018 report, an estimated 1.5 billion of us are anticipated to be connected to 5G - which will support over 250 connected devices, each able to support up to 1GHz in bandwidth, per square kilometre. So, regardless of wi-fi availability, devices will...

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The CCTV market meets AI

The CCTV market meets AIAcross the UK, there are an estimated 5.9 million surveillance cameras. Indicative of our desire to feel safer and more secure, from police officers to homeowners to businesses, use of CCTV has become part and parcel of everyday life....

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How IT systems impact business culture

How IT systems impact business culture It’s no secret that the world is producing data on a scale never seen before. In an area moving at incredible speed, new systems are necessary to manage information and IT teams need to be fluently conversant in new approaches to...

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We’ve heard of big data, but do we know what it is?

We've heard of big data, but do we know what it is?Broadly speaking, Big Data refers to the large volume of data that can now be captured and analysed to improve organisational and financial performance, giving companies more data to use to improve their business than...

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What’s driving 5G?

What's driving 5G? 5G, the fifth generation of mobile networks delivering super-fast connectivity, is here and it’s set to usher in a plethora of uses besides phones and devices such as superfast broadband, smart factories and cities, distance health care and...

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