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What do viruses do and what’s an anti-virus?

A computer virus is the common name for a software program that is loaded onto a computer by a person, unbeknown to the user, with the deliberate purpose of performing malicious actions. Once inside the computer, the virus attaches itself to another program which,...

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How does a cloud phone system reduce costs?

A cloud phone system isn’t anything new, but as a cost saver it could be a very effective option for a business. Firstly, for a monthly fee which includes maintenance and updates, your communications are hosted in the cloud by a business server which removes need for...

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What is Biometric Security?

Nowadays, vast amounts of crucial data are stored on devices and computers, much of which is sensitive or confidential and need to be kept secure. Biometrics are behavioural or physical characteristics that can be used to identify an individual enabling access to...

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How IT supports data science

Data science (the tools, algorithms and machine learning processes designed to discover hidden patterns in data) and IT are no longer are separate disciplines. However, traditionally, trained data scientists knew little about IT or the requirements of maintaining an...

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Why do I have to ‘eject’ my USB pen?

  Occasionally, if you remove a USB without going through the process of properly ejecting it, some data on the USB can be corrupted. This is because, when you plug in a USB, your computer begins to read and transfer data from the hard drive - known as data...

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Is it safe to do online quizzes?

  Whether an online quiz is safe or not depends on the website. If the website is GDPR compliant then taking part in the quiz will not involve doing anything unscrupulous with your data. If you are unsure, then always double check the company that made the quiz...

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What is a Service Level Agreement?

  A service level agreement (SLA) is a contract that is drawn up, usually between a customer and a supplier. Its purpose is to formally specify the services that will be provided by the supplier such as how a service is measured and when the desired level of...

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The best places to install home CCTV cameras

Using CCTV as part of your home security system is becoming increasingly popular thanks to increasing availability and relative affordability – it’s no longer the preserve of the rich and it’s not as expensive as many of us think. But having decided to invest in a...

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The evolution of VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is an integral part of many people’s and business owners’ lives and has been for a long time. Promising simple and convenient communication systems, the technology has evolved drastically in a rapidly transforming communication...

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Which tasks should IT be automating?

  Automation could increasingly take over some of the mundane, time-consuming, and even more complex IT tasks enabling staff to focus on issues that require human attention and decision-making. Considering that by 2021 it’s estimated that there will be a...

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