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Pay As You Go IT Support

This service is ideal for a business who does not currently have a dedicated IT department or are not really sure about how much support they will need on an ongoing basis.

Our Pay As You Go service uses a simple hourly rate, for remote access so you can turn ours support on and off, and use it for any IT requirement.

So if you need help with a one off service, like installing new software or hardware or help implementing a disaster recovery, then our pay as you go offering may be ideal for your business.

How it works

Our service is simple – you pay for the time you use.

Our time is charged as either an hourly or daily rate.

The PAYG service is ideal for:

  • Unforeseen issues, a pc is down, printers not connecting, something is broken
  • General help desk services –
  • Updates, software installation and changes
  • Virus, spyware and malware attacks
  • internet connectivity issues

How much does it cost?

We charge £60 per hour for remote access

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