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Backup Systems

On average, websites are attacked by those trying to gain access 44 times a day. That mean 44 separate attempts on the security of your business and your livelihood.

Catastrophic loss of data through hardware failure, malicious action or even an Act of God can create chaos. As well as huge amounts of lost revenue.

Having the ability to recover as rapidly as possible without compromising fidelity is invaluable during stressful events. We know that every business is different, and every business’ IT needs are different. Therefore, we offer tailored solutions which have been designed to work for you. We consider everything, from how much data you are backing up to budget, and use this information to find your perfect solution.

All data is secured in the UK, which gives you the peace of mind that none of your data can be tampered with from the outside. You also have complete control over the data limit, with as much or as little as you need.

Cloud Implementation Services

Rapid Response IT specialises in assisting SMEs to make a seamless transition to the use of cloud technologies. We work closely with you at all stages to ensure that your company gains the full advantage of cloud computing.

Obviously, the needs of individual companies vary with each having different requirements and concerns to be accommodated. A project engineer is assigned to your company for the duration of the process which can take from as little as a few hours to several days.

No disruption to your normal working practices occurs, so no productivity is lost. Depending upon each particular set of circumstances a partial, full or sometimes dual cloud computing solution is put in place. The benefits can be immediately obvious.

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Rapid Response IT undertakes a comprehensive, detailed review of your existing systems and work practices, current and proposed.

Our expert appraisal will detect any possible weaknesses and create reliable recovery methods for any situation. The importance of keeping your systems and security up to date cannot be overestimated.


A full report provides multiple options for recording issues and fail over protection – from additional hard drives with onsite backups to the latest offsite cloud-based solutions.

We ensure that you have robust protection and ease of access to recover data.

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We can also backup your server by creating what we call an ‘image’ of it. This is basically like a cloned server. Ordinarily, after a disastrous crash, it could take days to re-initialise your server. But with a server image system, it can take you as little as 20 minutes to get back up and running.

It is important to note that backing up a system isn’t simply a case of copying the files. You have to have a regime put in place that backs up your whole system regularly and consistently. Imagine that a problem goes for three weeks undetected. You need to have a system in place that will allow you to recover your files from before the problem arose. For example, you have a spreadsheet that is updated once a month. When you check this month, it won’t open and you need to go back to before the file was damaged, which could be as long as 4 weeks ago.

So, you need to decide how much data you are willing to lose when working out how often to back up. Only willing to part with one week’s data? Then back up every week. Is every day’s data vital? Then back up every day. And even when you back up regularly, and have a system in place, there is still more to do. You need to have protocols enabled so that you can quickly access your backups – which we can help with as well.

We offer fully-automated backups, so no human intervention is required. Thus, as well as 24/7 monitoring, there is no risk of human error. You will receive an email notification every time there is a backup. And to top it off, your data is encrypted to military grade standards.