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Wired and Wireless Networks

Keep your network trouble free and operating smoothly by having a network maintenance plan carried out by an experienced engineer.

Don’t wait until your network breaks down to get an expert’s help.

Our network maintenance plans comprise of:

  • Checking switches
  • Checking routers
  • Checking printers
  • Checking firewall logs
  • Checking hubs
  • Checking print servers
  • Checking firewall rules
  • Industry class access points

A wired configuration transfers data between devices on a network and to the internet using Ethernet cables. Properly configured, wired networks are traditionally stable and reliable. And as they are not influenced by other connections, or additional wired networks, there is no signal or connection interference. Another advantage of wired networks is that they are generally faster than wireless. Data speeds have improved and the dead spots occasionally found in wireless networks are avoided as data is transmitted between devices, over separate cables, at the same speed. And with the necessary and robust security applications in place, a wired network is well protected. Besides this, other hardware, Ethernet cables, routers and switches are usually quite cost effective as they are robust and have a reasonable, pre-upgrade lifespan.

We only use certified cabling which gives you a code-compliant, highly-performing data cabling infrastructure. Ensuring as smooth an operation as possible.

Wireless networks, however, operate on microwave signals or radio frequency, enabling devices to connect to each other or the internet without the need for Ethernet cables. This makes them relatively inexpensive, though additional repeaters to increase signal strength, and routers to provide improved security and reliable connections, may be required. The installation of wireless networks, as they require less equipment and no Ethernet cabling, is usually quick and trouble-free. Another advantage of wireless networks is that they allow remote working from any location using a wireless-enabled device.

We provide both directional wireless bridging solutions and point-to-point wireless access. Bridges often require direct line of sight between access point and client, but are necessary over long distances. Line of sight WiFi, as the name suggests, requires you to be able to see the mast that supplies the internet. If you can see it, you have potential access to high quality internet. You get all the perks of high speed connections but without having to wait the time that it normally takes to get the connections, which means line of sight WiFi is a good option for businesses in areas not yet served with great WiFi by the traditional service providers.

We also offer 4G wireless server installation. With a 4G plan in place, you can enjoy the most up-to-date wireless network available right now. We offer flexible packages that ensure that wherever you are, you are connected with some of the fastest speeds available. In fact, 4G is so quick that theoretically it could be used as a business’ primary broadband connection.

Your company may even benefit from a hybrid network. Here, office computers connect to a wired network for the speed benefits, and other devices with the right user credentials can use a Wi-Fi connection.

Rest assured we will work with you to provide the best network solution for your business.