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About Us

Who we are

It’s simple really. We are a team of people who believe in our mission of helping others build and manage their businesses.

Rapid Response IT is a specialist provider of IT services for SMEs, local government and other organisations. We believe that the service and solutions we provide for your IT issues must make commercial sense for your enterprise.

Our task is not to fix your IT.

Our task is to facilitate your business activities by making sure your information is where you want it, when you want it. All the time.

The difference

The services and solutions we provide must make commercial sense for your organisation. Systems running at less than optimum efficiency can cause downtime or, worse, cause your company to be continually operating at far lower levels of productivity.

Either way, it’s costing you money. Not to mention the cost in employee stress levels. Businesses today operate in an acutely competitive environment and ways to save money and reduce costs by improving your efficiency should not be ignored.

This is why you should be talking to Rapid Response IT. Our speciality is helping organisations like yours get the best from the money they have invested – or are about to invest. We do this by only employing the best people – people who know that service is about allowing you to get on with running your business, not about fixing a laptop.

If the problem warrants it, we can guarantee on-site attendance within four hours. Maximum. 97% of the time it’s faster. Is that the sort of support you need?

What our clients are saying…


Having hundreds of national sites means we are always under time constraints when we need to roll out new software or hardware upgrades and updates. Rapid Response IT has never let us down and when we have had to purchase kit through them… the pricing has always been reasonable too.

We would recommend Rapid Response IT to anyone looking for a new support agreement, but would also say they have been great when setting up and managing the IT Infrastructure for a totally new site.

-Dave Simms, Unison


Having a responsive and Innovative IT support company on standby has really given us the confidence that our IT infrastructure and Data Backup processes are the best in class.

Rapid Response have played a huge part in allowing us to do what we do best as a business whilst they keep everything on the IT side running smoothly.

-James Mitchell, Bartell


We’ve worked with Rapid Response for over a year and they’ve supported us through many challenges: setting up a server among many other issues. We’ve relied on their support as we transition to a new space and they’ve always been available with a generous and friendly attitude to our many requests.

We have benefited from the rapidity of their service which has always been incredibly helpful for resolving issues speedily. While they are transparent regarding how much time it will take to resolve an issue, they have been persistent and reliable in helping us with issues that have been especially tricky.

They’ve provided us with office equipment pro bono through their charity scheme of refurbished lap tops, and have always helped us look for the most cost-effective way of providing equipment. They have been tenacious with difficult issues and we’ve really appreciated their consistency and the engineers’ enthusiasm to fix the seemingly un-fixable!

-Rebecca Smith, Reclaim Project

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