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The Pros and Cons of Public Wi-Fi.

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Uncategorised

The Pros and Cons of Public Wi-Fi.

Public wi-fi is a type of network that the public can access and use to connect to other networks. As a result, most of us expect to get free wi-fi access in a multitude of places enabling us to use the internet not at our expense.

We tend to take it for granted nowadays, but questions remain as to how safe it really is.

Firstly, we must remember that we’re getting it free and that’s going to save a lot of money on data charges – we can complete internet-related tasks while out and about, using our own mobile device at a reasonable speed – and someone else is happily paying for it. That means, work wise, we can continue to be productive wherever we are which is obviously an advantage to individuals and businesses alike.

And for hard-up students it’s a massive benefit as access to the internet has virtually become a basic amenity.

Likewise, in an emergency, the ability to communicate quickly could be crucial.

But, public wi-fi isn’t necessarily all that reliable – and it’s being constantly bombarded by adverts. No, you’re not paying the establishment to use it, so they understandably make some money from the ads, but even so, it can wear a bit thin…

Now the big one: security. A public wi-fi has a few security issues. When people access the network simultaneously, if your firewall is inadequate, you’re at real risk of exposing confidential data such as passwords. Online banking? Don’t do it on public wi-fi. In fact, don’t access any confidential information while you’re using a public network.

Another problem is that a public wi-fi network is usually accessed by several people at the same time. The resulting loss of bandwidth can result in a slow (and frustrating) network speed. Sometimes, the connection can even go down completely as a result of an increased user load. Deeply annoying.

So, public wi-fi – is it good, is it bad and is it worth it? You’ll have to decide for yourself. Just make sure that you’re careful.




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