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Smart marketing technology problems

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Uncategorised

Smart marketing technology problems

Smart technology is almost always useful, and has the potential to streamline and refine all marketing strategies. But sometimes, it can be too smart, especially if your marketing strategies aren’t working together. Sometimes, when different smart systems gather their own information about customers, and act independently, wires can get crossed and conflicting messages can be delivered.

Now inevitably, complexity can sometimes lead to the occasional mixed message, but to prevent it become a regular occurrence, having all your systems serve one central brain is the solution to marketing integration. To start with, you must acquire the central hub, the marketing platform. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning processes, the central hub takes care of all the strategic functionalities, relegating each system into a dumb terminal. The brain must be able to learn which marketing techniques are successful, and monitor them in real time. And of course, it needs to adapt and decide which techniques are going to be the most effective.

Then, you have to train your marketing platform to interact with each individual system, in the same way that their own intelligence did. Once the hub and dumb system are interacting fluidly, then you can begin the process of training the platform to interact with all of your terminals, and you are closer to having an integrated stack of marketing technology, which in turn, allows you to refine your whole process. When all systems are integrated, the central hub can send smarter integrated signals to all the attached terminals. Once that has been completed, you can refine the whole stack, adding new information, which allows you a better, more efficient process, and thus, a better relationship with the customers.

Remember, you don’t want marketing technology for the sake of it. Effective tech systems are a means to a more efficient and closer relationship with your customers, which is beneficial, not only for them but for you as well.



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