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How to avert a data disaster.

by | May 22, 2019 | Uncategorised

How to avert a data disaster.

Inevitably, at some point, your hard drive is likely to fail. But this doesn’t mean you have to lose all your vital data. In fact, you should have strategies in place to ensure that this doesn’t happen. To that end, we have come up with a list of tips and tricks that you should use to prevent a data storage disaster.

The first set have to do with how to manage backups. You need to keep backups, obviously, so you don’t lose your data in the event of a crash. If you automate your data back-up process, you never have to worry about doing it manually. And when you do make backups, a good idea is to implement the 3-2-1 rule. Have three copies, on two different media, and one more – off site. This means that if a piece of onsite hardware is corrupted you lose nothing, and even in the event of something as drastic as a fire, you won’t lose vital data, and can be up and running again. If you have an IT team, discuss back-up solutions and data recovery strategy with them, and simulate worst case scenarios. If there was a fire, how quickly could you get back to business again? And how much data would you lose? If the answers aren’t acceptable, then never be afraid to talk to specialists, whose job it is to make sure that you can recover your data as efficiently and quickly as possible. It may also be wise to keep a back up offline. Yes, this means it won’t auto-update and you’ll have to do it manually, but an offline backup will be totally free from virus or ransomware attacks.

It’s important always to manage your data effectively. Keeping your digital files tidy and organised not only helps your work more efficiently, it also means that in the event of data loss or corruption, it is easier to locate and diagnose the problem. And this links to the next tip – plan ahead. Your data needs to be available in the future, so don’t make it difficult to find, 6/12 months down the line – organise well, and make sure that you aren’t going to lose access later.

Especially since the passing of GDPR, privacy has never been more important. You must ensure that any sensitive data on your customers is completely secure, and whilst you do that, you may as well make sure your own sensitive data is secure. Perhaps using encryptions may be the solution for you, or maybe installing CCTV security systems will work.

One of the most important things to do is test regularly. Don’t just assume your backups work – check that they do. Strategise and plan for unexpected events that could result in a massive data loss, and come up with solutions. Be pro-active, don’t just wait for the problems to occur, stop them before they do.




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