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Wireless or Wired and Which is Right for Your Home?

by | Feb 22, 2019 | Uncategorised

Wireless or Wired and Which is Right for Your Home?

The demand for network connectivity in the home is greater than it’s ever been. And with the desire for telecommuting, streaming media, online gaming, smart home devices, and cloud computing constantly on the increase, a secure, reliable, high-performance home network is essential – both for now and in the future. But, it’s not quite that simple as we can choose between wireless or wired connectivity – and the big decision is which one to have.

In a wireless network, devices connect to the internet and each other by means of radio waves sent to a wireless router, removing the need for cables. Yes, it is limited by the range and signal of the router, and physical barriers can affect it too, but in simple terms you connect a wireless router, configure it, and then connect your wireless devices to the network – easy -and the hardware is portable if you move. Wireless is undoubtedly convenient, easy to configure anywhere in the home, and allows you to move your devices around whilst maintaining connectivity.

But there are disadvantages. The more devices you want to connect and the more the Internet of Things prevails in the home – especially during the high usage times of day – wi-fi bandwidth can struggle and reduce the overall performance and reliability of the network.

There’s also the possibility of hacking and though wireless networks have become much more secure; your data can still be intercepted and the security measures we rely on can also reduce bandwidth.

So where does that leave wired infrastructures given the convenience and cost effectiveness of wireless and assuming you can live with a bit of reduced bandwidth?

Obviously, in a wired network, devices use ethernet cables to connect to each other and the internet via the network router. And just like a wireless network in which the signal is limited by the range and signal of the router, the distance between the devices in a wired network is limited by the length of the cables.

However, performance and reliability are the areas in which a wired network shows its value as a wired connection is still quicker than wi-fi. So, if you stream HD video, game or need to transfer files, and especially if you run your business from home, a wired connection provides the performance and reliability that a wireless connection can’t.

Not only that, wired systems are fundamentally more secure than wireless networks and as increasing amounts of our sensitive and personal data become integrated into devices, the IoT and online lifestyle or financial online tools, a secure network is essential.

But, by definition, a wired system is non-portable and requires some planning as installing cabling for home connectivity is a bigger issue than simply buying a router.

So, which is best, wireless or wired?

Well, as you might have guessed, the answer is probably both. When wireless and wired technology function together successfully you get performance, convenience, security and reliability – and to manage the full extent of today’s connected devices, the advantages of both wired and wireless connectivity are likely to be what you need.



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